KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Starting in early autumn last year, AutoAlert’s rapid growth had it looking for a solution to help handle the hiring, onboarding, and training of more than 250 employees in just six months.

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Digital Strategy Director Joey Little and his team knew that building and communicating the company’s culture would be key. Using AutoAlert’s own communication tool, Pando, they created a video channel called «Inside AutoAlert» to facilitate their efforts.

«We designed Pando for dealers, and we’re thrilled to see the success they’re having with it, but honestly we have been blown away by our own results with it,» says Little. «There isn’t one person on our 500-plus team – from our email-reticent CEO to our super-busy sales team on the road to teams holding down the fort at our offices around the country – who hasn’t gotten involved with it. It’s made finding the right people easier, and it’s made us stronger overall as a team.»

As just one part of the automotive industry’s only Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform, Pando makes it easy to unite a dealership team through fully inclusive communication and collaboration. It makes building relationships both internally with employees and externally with customers easy. Pando also simplifies task assignment and completion and ensures an excellent customer experience along with increased sales.

AutoAlert used Pando for its culture-building aspects. «Inside AutoAlert» features videos where coworkers can «learn more about the best thing about the AutoAlert culture: the people» through interviews with employees based in various locations.

It also features numerous recurring «shows» starring employees, including «Claire Cares,» «Lunch with Lucas,» «Dateline AutoAlert,» «Sports Shorts with Zoe in Boston,» and «Word of the Week with Maggie.» In the videos, the employee might be wearing an AutoAlert T-shirt or standing in front of an AutoAlert logo.

«Inside AutoAlert» covers all four aspects recognized as critical to culture creation: alignment, respect/inclusivity, care, and living it every day.

«There is so much flexibility with Pando,» CEO Mike Dullea says. «We’ve found that building culture and ensuring that everyone on the team is not just included but engaged has been key to our success. This will become even more critical as we grow into Canada and the UK.»

In a survey of AutoAlert employees in January 2019, just six months after the introduction of «Inside AutoAlert,» over 97 percent responded that the channel helped create on overall positive culture. Nearly 90 percent said it helped unite employees at the different office locations, including remote employees.

Pando has also increased leadership communication and peer-to-peer communication at AutoAlert.

About AutoAlert
AutoAlert is widely known as an innovator and originator in the automotive software space. Its Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform has revolutionized the dealership-customer relationship, creating direct opportunities for meaningful connections and seamless experiences both online and offline.   

Founded in 2002, AutoAlert quickly became known as a leader in equity-mining, data-mining, and trade-cycle management solutions. Now, AutoAlert is «Building for the Future,» with the advent of a.i. (automotive intelligence), pushing CXM beyond anything the industry has ever seen or utilized. AutoAlert’s unceasing innovation and pursuit of a better way for dealerships and OEMs to do business has led to the development of the most agile, effective software solutions in the marketplace.

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