COLUMBIA, Mo., March 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today, WINDGO, Inc., a research and development company specializing in smart material and vibrational transfer technologies announced that they were granted US Patent # 10,223,985 for its multi-functional intelligent glass display. This patent is in line with the WINDGO focus on energy resonant vibrational technologies and products. (PRNewsfoto/WINDGO, Inc.)

Windgo has now combined its Smart Glass technology with visual display technologies such as LED, LCD, oLED, and other new emerging display technologies. This new Windgo multi-layered intelligent display (or Smart Window) enables new commercial applications utilizing nanotechnology, including transmissive, reflective, transflective, holographic and other particle resonant modes for use in stand-alone displays or subsystems within many devices such as smart phones, computers, industrial control panels and more.

The Windgo Smart Window is designed to receive an input such as touch, light, voltage, heat, vibration and data. The Smart Window responds by changing its three-dimensional appearance while providing optional voice recognition, biometric identification and environmental monitoring. User interface gesture control may take the form of a wink that will alert the display to become transparent providing an entirely new perspective of viewability.

A near term practical application of the Windgo Smart Window display will be replacing plastic aircraft window shades. The new intelligent glass technology will be secured directly to the inner and/or outer surface of the window. The passenger will tap the shade once to increase transparency or to darken the interior of the cabin. Additional features will allow passengers to connect their smart phone or computer to the shade, or project content onto their Smart Window screen by employing a holographic projector embedded in the smart shade. Additionally, the passenger may project three-dimensional content, perhaps a movie, into the aircraft cabin floating above their lap.

WINDGO, Inc. is focused on the IoT End-Node market expansion that is forecasted to exceed one trillion dollars by 2025. This patent protects methods of embedded sensing and projection mapping.

This new invention is based on technologies that evolved from the original works of inventor Fielding Staton. His invention of the Absorbud in 2013 has led to industry-changing advancements in macro, micro, and nano-based technologies.

WINDGO/Newtonoid Intelligent Glass Displays US Patent – (3/5/2019) 10,223,985
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Fielding Staton – Liberty, MO
David StrumpfColumbia, MO

About WINDGO, Inc: WINDGO, Inc. ( is a privately-held company based in Columbia, MO. WINDGO, Inc. has several patent holdings within its Intellectual Property holding company – Newtonoid, LLC which has been in the research and development business since 2013. Founded in 2016, WINDGO, Inc. has researched, developed, and produced a variety of smart products and other intelligent product subsystems in the sensory and digital markets including Absorbud, smart windows, smart damping adhesives, robot skin membranes, systems for receiving packages delivered by unmanned vehicles, ProVector Tape Measure, embedded assistive implants, and cooking assistive devices and sensory systems.


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